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Over 300 caught by Sheppey Crossing cameras

Written by on 19 September 2017

Sheppey Crossing camera’s in action

Over 300 motorists have been caught by the new Sheppey Crossing average speed cameras since their installation.
The average speed camera’s which were switched on in May, have caught over 330 drivers exceeding the 70mph speed limit, with a figure that is likely to increase before the end of the year.
The camera’s were installed in May and finally officially switched on in may as part of a £350,000 scheme to improve safety on the Sheppey crossing after a 17 month safety review which saw the limit reduced down to 50mph
The 50mph was enforced on the bridge and its approaches following an inquest into the death of mother & son Deborah & Marshall Roberts.

The Sheppey Crossing experienced the worst road traffic accident in the UK in 2013, when 130 vehicles crashed due to poor visibility and was forced to close for over 9 hours.

Ken Ingleton, chairman of Minster Parish Council, said the results did not come as a shock.
“I’m not surprised at the figures, judging from the speed some of the traffic goes over the crossing,” he said.
“At the moment, I don’t think people are fully aware the cameras are working – not until the letter drops on their doormat”
Cllr Ingleton said it would be difficult to stop people speeding as the design of the bridge was “totally wrong”.
“I think a reduced speed limit of 60mph would help.

A spokesman for the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership, which manages the cameras, said about 30,000 vehicles use the crossing per day.
He said: “These low offence numbers should be viewed in the context of the very high number of vehicles flowing over the crossing every day, and are typical of the sort of very high compliance rates experienced in other average-speed systems.”

Those caught will either do speed awareness courses, have points added to their licence or a fine.


Reader's opinions
  1. Graham Hawkins

    Graham Hawkins   On   19 September 2017 at 21:22

    Yawn, let’s do this again…

    114 days between 21st March and 13th July multiplied by an average of 30,000 cars per day. That equals 3,420,000 journeys and only 334 speeding tickets were issued.

    That’s 0.01% of journeys which got a ticket for speeding. Or in other words, a ticket for one journey in ten thousand-ish

    I thought that was pretty good driving performance by the Island residents. WELL DONE !!!

  2. Davey Thurman-Newell

    Davey Thurman-Newell   On   19 September 2017 at 23:59

    this is precisely whats needed, what is the point of warning someone of a camera you are giving them a chance to hide their speed from you!

    spex cameras are the way forward. No way around it, unless you do 140 through one, and sit for an hour before passing the next ?

  3. Julius Mozes

    Julius Mozes   On   20 September 2017 at 08:18

    Nothing to do with speeding more to do with not paying attention. Bloody mobile phone’s cause more accidents than speeding. There was more accidents at clackets on the M25 when they had a 50 mph speed limit in place.

  4. Kristoffer Ibrahim-kori

    Kristoffer Ibrahim-kori   On   20 September 2017 at 09:51

    It amazes me how people are even getting caught or I must the only person that when I try to go over it struggle to even do 70mph as there will be some nob sitting on the outside lane doing 50mph

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