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Art in the Dark – The Milton Moon Walk

Written by on 9 October 2015

This is your chance to engage in a unique event. On the night of the last full moon before Halloween please join us on a spooky sketchbook walk through Milton Creek Country Park.

We shall meet at the entrance in Greenporch Close by Trinity Church at 7 pm. Under the light of the full moon we shall as a group make observations of the evening surroundings. We recommend bringing sketchpads, cameras or recording devices to document the findings. This area around the churchyard would be a great place to set up your easel to sketch the graveyard or your tripod to photograph the night sky.

At 7.45 pm we shall make our way through the park walking towards the creek. We shall be taking opportunities to stop and record on the way, arriving at the creek at approximately 8.30 pm. We shall be spending approximately 1 hour at the creek which should be plenty of time for artistic inspiration to strike.

Any art that is produced, either on the evening or as a result from this moon walk is invited to be displayed free of charge in an exhibition to run at Bourne Creatives starting Tuesday 17th of November with a private view evening. (There is no charge to enter this exhibition and Bourne Creatives will only take a 20% commission on any sales).

This is a Swale Arts Forum Event designed to be inclusive and creative. As the event is so close to Halloween we encourage face painting and suitable spooky attire (with boots). There will be lots of people dressed up.

Along with your sketchbook and camera it is also recommended you bring a torch. This event is of course weather dependent.