Author: Doug Paterson

Doug spoke to Fil Straughan today and had a little help from Cliff James, Luther lives on through this man……..

Listen in full to the interview with Rozalla and the breaking news is that Rozalla has not yet been to the Isle of Sheppey, but after speaking to Doug it […]

On BRFM this Thursday 5th January 2017 between 9am and 1pm Doug will be talking to the legendary Rozalla “Everybody’s Free” to tune in. Rozalla had huge club hits in […]

This is an interview with Paul Yung from Demelza House about the charity single that has been released featuring a 300 strong choir made up of 20 Hospices including Demelza, […]

Here is your chance to listen to the Grove Park Primary School choir singing “On a Starry Night”, the 180 strong choir did a brilliant job.

Last week the link to the school was lost, tune in to Doug this Thursday 22nd December between 9am and 1pm for the Mid Morning show and listen to the […]

Join Doug on the mid morning show Thursday 15th December as he links up with Grove Park School to listen to the choir of 180 children with a special preview […]

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