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The Dads Can’t Dance Show returns this Spring with both Elwood & Peter on a fortnightly basis. Keep listening to BRFM 95.6 FM for more updates which will be brought to you by some very special people. I bet your Dad Can’t Dance to it………….

In what will be an emotional return to BRFM after some time away Elwood picks up from where he left off with the DCD show. Normal madness will resume with the usual features such as Kamikaze Jukebox and no doubt a few “off the wall” comments to raise the odd eyebrow. Elwood: “It’s good to […]

Tonight’s first hour theme on the Dad’s Can’t Dance show tonight Wed 7pm is Heroes and Courage. Songs that you can think of that reflect Heroes and Courage? Just text them after 7pm to 07510 984001. Plus the 80’s at 8 and the Kamikaze Jukebox at 9pm I bet your Dad Can’t Dance to it…………..

After missing last weeks show due to illness Elwood is back with a doctors note! So have fun and if you are brave enough play the Kamikaze Jukebox from 9pm Show starts 7pm

Back from the United States, Elwood returns to the DCD show this Wednesday night 7pm. So if you fancy playing Kamikaze Jukebox or listening to the 80s at 8 or you just want to hear Elwood waffling on about how bad the USA adverts are then join the fun from 7pm.  

Elwood returns tonight (Wednesday) for the DCD show on 95.6FM BRFM at 7pm . Play the usual Kamikaze Jukebox and the 80s at 8.

Saturday night 11pm listen to some of your favourite movie themes when Elwood takes you on a cinematic journey of some of the best movie themes. This show is every Saturday from 11pm, so sit back and get lost in the movies……

Dad’s Can’t Dance Wednesday night at 7pm and the Animals are back. For the first hour of the show we want your suggestions for songs with Animals in the title, why? find out on BRFM 95.6FM Wednesday night from 7pm. Also the 80s at 8pm and Kamikaze Jukebox from 9pm, are you brave enough to […]

Join Elwood & Peter on Kent’s only comedy radio show Dads Cant Dance 7pm Wednesday night, where the two civilised chaps will be drinking tea, discussing politics, news, the weather, how to make cakes and how to keep your garden shed tidy. Meanwhile in other news…….. I bet your Dad can’t Dance to it….

Join Elwood from 11pm with Elwood ‘s Movie Classics with themes from some of your favourite movies and tonight it has a 007 twist. So sit back and get lost in the movies from 11pm on BRFM 95.6FM



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