The 00s were a decade that saw the rise of many popular rock bands, each bringing their own unique sound and style to the table. For instance, Linkin Park burst onto the scene with their genre-blending fusion of rock, rap, and electronic music. Their debut album, “Hybrid Theory,” became an instant classic, launching the band to international stardom and earning them legions of loyal fans.

Green Day, meanwhile, continued their reign as punk rock royalty, proving that they could still pack a punch despite having been around for over a decade. Their album “American Idiot” became a cultural touchstone, with its scathing critiques of politics and society resonating with a generation of disillusioned youth.

And then there was My Chemical Romance, whose emotional ballads and theatrical stage shows made them one of the most beloved bands of the 2000s. Frontman Gerard Way’s distinctive vocals and gothic aesthetic spoke to a generation of emo kids, with hits like “Welcome to the Black Parade” and “Helena” becoming instant classics.

Whether you were into the high-energy punk of Green Day, the emotional intensity of My Chemical Romance, or the genre-defying sound of Linkin Park, there was always a band out there that spoke to your soul during the 2000s. And with so many different styles and genres represented in the world of rock music during this era, there was truly something for everyone.

So whether you were moshing to Slipknot, banging your head to System of a Down, or singing along to the angsty anthems of Evanescence, there was always a way to let loose and rock out during this iconic decade.

Take a look through some of my recommended listens from late 90’s and 00’s and you might rediscover a band you had long forgotten about.