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Competition Terms & Conditions

for radio and internet competitions on 95.6 BRFM (Bridge Radio Ltd.

1) All persons associated with Bridge Radio Ltd either as a volunteer or employee and relatives of employees of Bridge Radio Ltd and all associated partners to Bridge Radio Ltd are not eligible to enter.

2) Rules and Regulations pertaining to entry to any radio competition originated by Bridge Radio Ltd will be available for scrutiny at the studio offices.  These Rules and Regulations will also be available for scrutiny on the Bridge Radio Ltd website and also via postal mail if requested.

3) Unless specifically permitted, entries will normally be restricted to one per household.

4) Prizes will be as stated. No cash alternative can or will be offered.  If for unseen circumstance, Prizes are not available, suitable substitutes will be provided.

5) Entrants must be aged 18 years and over when entering U.K. based competitions with prizes featuring alcohol or prizes that are of an adult nature.  Competition elements featuring alcohol or prizes of an adult nature, entrants must be aged 21 years and over

6) Entrants for competitions with prizes featuring such items as cars or other powered vehicles must possess the required EU/UK license or other certification.

7) Entrants for competitions featuring holiday prizes, within the UK or abroad, must possess a valid passport, be able to travel on the allocated dates [if so stated] and meet the necessary entry requirements, including visa conditions for the countries specified in the competition. Entrants should also have sufficient funds to meet any and all incurred costs over and above any allocated spending money detailed in the prize.

8) Entrants of phone-in competitions must seek the permission of the owner of the phone before use. For example the parent or employer.

9) Should a Premium Rate telephone service be used, it will be clearly identified on air and call rates and duration of calls explained in detail.  The competition mechanic will also be clearly explained.   Bridge Radio Ltd will, as far as possible, use standard telephone numbers for phone-in competitions.

10) The Judges and/or the station director’s decision is final and legally binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

11) Prize-winners may be asked, but are not required, to participate in promotional activities surrounding the competition and in promotion of future competitions.

12) In the event of a tie-break, entrants will be asked to participate in a secondary test of skill.

13) Prizes will be described as accurately as possible on-air and where practicable visual examples will be made available via the Bridge Radio Ltd website.

14) In general, entrants cannot win more than one prize, in any one competition.  The exception to this rule will apply only where the mechanic of the competition dictates numerous entry elements or levels and whereby a prize can be won at each level of entry.

15) Prizes, derived for competition elements designed specifically for “employees and the workplace” are limited to one prize per workplace.

16) Bridge Radio Ltd cannot be held responsible for damage to competition winners property, themselves or other parties, nor can Bridge Radio Ltd be held responsible for any documents, monies or personal item lost or stolen in the duration of the holiday element of their prize.

17) It is the responsibility of the prize winners to secure the necessary holiday, travel and health insurance cover.

Bridge Radio Ltd operates a fair and accountable Rules and Regulations policy in relation to any and all competitions that it broadcasts.

January 2019