County-wide Kent Carers Matter campaign launches

Written by on January 30, 2018

A new county-wide campaign – Kent Carers Matter – has been launched to raise the profile of the 1 in 9 adult Carers in Kent and to increase access to Carer services.


151,000 adults in Kent are Carers, looking after a family member, partner, friend or neighbour who due to physical or mental illness, disability, age related difficulties or an addiction cannot cope without their support. Being a Carer can be a positive experience, but it can also be challenging and exhausting, which can impact on a Carer’s mental and physical health or well-being.


Kent Carers Matter has been developed by five Carer organisations in Kent to:


  • raise the profile of Carers in Kent
  • increase access to Carer services
  • support health and social care professionals to identify and refer Carers to services earlier
  • provide more opportunities for Carers to engage with and have their say about local and national issues that affect them.


If you are a Carer


Whether you describe yourself as a Carer or not, looking after someone can be tough at times, but there is information and support available.


  • Look after your own health and well-being. Tell your GP you are a Carer and how caring is impacting on your physical and mental health.
  • If you also work, you may be able to reduce the stress of juggling being a Carer with work demands by speaking to your employer. There may be some simple changes that could be made to make things easier.
  • Talk to family and friends about your caring role, your concerns and worries if you can.


What you can do to support Carers as a friend, relative or colleague


It’s likely that you’ll know people who are Carers (though they may not use that term.) You can help as a friend, relative or colleague by:


  • Being aware of how being a Carer might affect the rest of their lives.
  • Being a listening ear and offering practical help and support when you can.
  • Recognising how valuable and important being a Carer is.
  • Encouraging Carers to look after their own health and well-being.
  • Suggesting Carers tell their GP and workplace about their caring role.




  • Over 6.5 million adults in the UK are Carers (Census 2011)
  • 1 in 9 adults (151,000 people) in Kent are Carers. (Census 2011)
  • 3 in 5 people in Kent will become a Carer at some point in their lives. (State of Caring 2017, Carers UK)
  • Carers in Kent save the public purse around £3 billion every year (Value of Caring 2015, Carers UK)
  • Carers are all ages, come from all walks of life and backgrounds and unlike care workers, are not paid.
  • Many Carers also combine caring for someone with paid work.
  • Carers provide a valuable and often invisible role in society.


More information


For more information about Kent Carers Matter and to find out what support is available for Carers in your area visit

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