Daniel spoke to The Environment Officer & The Animal Control Officer

Written by on October 24, 2015

Russell Hamilton Environment Officer & Tim Oxley Animal Control Officer Swale spoke to Daniel on this week The Daniel Monday Night Community Show.

They covered

  • when does the Council get involved with fires
  • What should residents do if they are planning a firework party this year
  • impact fireworks have on Animals and the surrounding wildlife
  • micro-chipping

You can listen to this interview as a podcast by clicking on this link

[mixcloud width=”” height=”” cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ]https://www.mixcloud.com/dan-nash3/russell-hamilton-environment-officer-tim-oxley-animal-c/[/mixcloud]

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTJ9kqkXjtw[/embedyt]

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