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Dog owners support microchipping

Written by on 12 October 2015

Dog owners support microchipping event

A free dog microchipping event attracted around 150 owners who were keen to protect their pets.

The event, which was held on Saturday 10th October, at Tesco’s in Sheerness was organised by Kent Police and supported by the Dogs Trust, and Environment Wardens from Swale Borough Council.

A queue of owners and their dogs was already forming at 9.30am and did not stop until the final dog was chipped at 2.30pm.

It resulted in 145 dogs being microchipped. Sheppey PCSO Lauren McCall, said: ‘This was a great number compared to similar events elsewhere. Everyone who attended agreed it was a good idea and it was very well received by the public. Some were even asking if we would be holding another event in the near future.’

Microchipping dogs will become compulsory from April 2016.

Dog Owner Christopher Goode, said: ‘It was a brilliant idea for local dog owners as I see many abandoned and lost dogs being found and their owners trying to be located on social media. It’s great that now they can be traced more easily. A dog is for life not just for Christmas and I think all owners should have their dogs chipped.’

PCSO McCall continued: ‘I organised this event as during my time serving as a PCSO in the Swale area I realised how many stray dogs officers were getting called to and the majority of them were not chipped. I realised that if those dogs were chipped then it would take half the time in dealing with them so would free up more officers more quickly and would also reduce the amount of owners that are upset because their dog has been lost.

‘We then started to suffer a spate of dog thefts within the area and when victims were asked the question of whether or not their dog had been chipped 9 times out of 10 the answer was no. This may have been due to cost as it can be quite expensive. I organised a similar event in Sittingbourne last year but this event was much more popular.’

‘This event would not only help reunite stray dogs with their owners but also the potential to reunite stolen dogs more easily as well. The Dogs trust were more than happy to assist again and were amazed at the response. I advertised the event on social media and in local shops. I invited the local Environment Wardens along to provide helpful advice to owners and free poop bags.

‘The whole event was a great success and I would like to thank Tesco’s Sheerness for allowing us to use their car park area, Swale Borough Council Wardens Kim and Laura, and the staff from Dogs Trust Jackie Donaghy, Jill Bull and Ione Brownlie.’

(Picture shows PCSO Lauren McCall (left), Jill Bull dogs trust (centre) holding Christopher Goode (right) dog Pollie.)