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Join John Sissons on BRFM Breakfast Friday 20th September, talking to Matt Deller from 7.30am about his relay run this weekend.

Written by on 19 September 2019

Team story

On September 21st 2019, FORDY RUNS for TEENS UNITE will take on the most epic adventure by competing in the Run Ragnar Relay.

This challenge will see our team of Everyday Runners tackle a 170(ish) mile course that snakes through picturesque towns, rolling fields, and the most beautiful collection of white cliffs you’ve ever seen. Each teammate runs 3 “legs” with each leg ranging between 3-11 miles and varying in difficulty.

Entering this unique, overnight relay means our team will be doing night-time runs, turning a spacious van into a temporary home, and most importantly raising awareness and money for Teens Unite.

Fordy Runs is for the Everyday Runner and taking on this challenge will hopefully inspire other runners who are hitting the pavement training for their first marathon or Parkrun, going from the couch to 5k or just to clear their heads, that if we can run 170 miles then everyone can achieve their goals and DO SOMETHING AWESOME!


Today, seven teenagers in the UK will hear the words ‘you have cancer’. Seven more will hear them tomorrow and seven more the day after that. At a time of fear, isolation and loneliness, we bring 13-24 year olds who have been diagnosed with cancer, together. We support young people from diagnosis, through treatment, recovery and into remission. We understand that cancer doesn’t stop when treatment stops; the effects of a cancer diagnosis can be long-lasting and often life changing. The young people we support often say that being classified as ‘in remission’, is almost as daunting as being diagnosed.

As the focus on becoming fit, well and ‘cancer free’ is replaced by the question ‘what next?’, it is difficult to simply return to life before cancer, but Teens Unite puts the stepping stones in place to rebuild a life beyond illness. We enable young people, whose lives have been impacted by a cancer diagnosis, to socialise with others their age in a similar situation, so they can support and encourage each other, share their hopes, fears and experiences and live the fullest life possible. We understand that cancer doesn’t just effect the person diagnosed, but those closest to them, which is why we offer support to family members too. Our siblings days, along with our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, provide opportunities to meet other families in a similar situation.

You can help support this great charity by donating to :

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