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Local Radio Day 2016

Written by on 26 May 2016

Friday is Local Radio Day 2016 and is all about celebrating local radio services and everything they have to offer to communities.

Organiser of the event, William Rogers explains: “This is all about celebrating the impact that proper local radio has on the communities it serves and bringing to the attention of listeners, and the public more generally, everything that is done and delivered by stations which are focussed on all things local”.

Local Radio Day celebrates the partnership that exists between radio stations and their listeners and sets out to demonstrate the difference that local really makes.

BRFM is celebrating the fact that OFCOM has renewed their licence to continue broadcasting for another 5 years.

During the day, we’ll be hearing from some well-known voices about what they love about radio and of course inviting you, our listeners, to get involved with BRFM, your Truly Local Radio station!

We asked you what you love about BRFM.

Wendy says she loves all the hard work that goes into BRFM by the presenters and everyone behind the scenes.

Paul in kemsley said what he likes about BRFM is that they play lots of different music unlike some other radio stations who play the same music over and over again all day.

Thanks for your comments.