Marty Dee Donovan

Presenter Name: Marty Dee Donovan

Favourite Colour: Skyblue Pink

Favourite Food: Steak Onions & Champ

Favourite hobby: Playing World of Warcraft

Favourite TV Program: The Big Bang Theory


A DJ since the 80’s sporting 30 years unbroken service I’m a south Londoner who’s Irish and I have a guilty pleasure of reggae music covered over by classic soul.  Growing up in Stockwell and hanging around Brixton I cut my teeth in the late night reggae parties with one blue bulb, one turntable and speakers like wardrobes! As the years spilled past I found myself at various clubs, radio stations and get togethers, I had a spell on the northern soul scene but my love for 80’s style music always quenched my thirst back to playing what I loved.  BRFM gives me the chance to bring some classic tunes to the table whilst keeping our adored listeners up to date with whats happening in and around the Island.


What I love about BRFM, The People, thats what it is for me because everyone I’m involved with has a passion and a love for bringing quality radio to the Sheppey Community.  The feed back from the listeners is awesome too, It’s great that they share their everyday lives with us and it’s kinda like we are all sat around each other having a coffee, I love it.


How would I describe myself… Well Im kinda cheerfully jolly, and extremely nerdy and prone to

a bit of sillyness – I tend to disapear in my own world a lot. I’m left handfed and I think like

a left handed person which means things are never boring!


Join me Mondays on BRFM and lets go on our own adventures together with some quality music thrown in for good measure!

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