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Microchip Your Dog Or Face A Hefty Fine.

The ‘chips’ are down for dog owners.

Dog owners are being warned about a change in the law making it an offence to have a dog over eight weeks old and not have it microchipped or have the details up to date.Dogs Trust Logo

There is less than three weeks left before this legislation comes into force on April 6, failure to comply could lead to a fine of up to £500. Swale Borough Council have been working with the Dog’s Trust and local police to make people aware of the changes in the law and have been promoting free micro-chipping events throughout the region to ensure dog owners are fully aware of their responsibilities.



Microchipping your dog has many benefits:

  • If lost or stolen, your dog can be reunited with you more quickly.
  • It is an added deterrent to dog theft.
  • Your dog can be more quickly identified in an emergency situation or by a vet.

Additional benefits to dogs include:

  • Easier identification and subsequent arrest of owners culpable of cruelty.
  • Puppies are traceable to the breeder, reducing the risks of inherited defects and infectious diseases that are often the case in the problem of puppy farming.


If you have not yet microchipped your dog, there is a link below taking you to the Dog’s Trust website, you may find a scheme or vet near you. The Dog’s Trust are still chipping dogs free of charge.


Information Swale Borough Council.



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