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Power Pose, Could you benefit?

Written by on 7 March 2017

“Power Pose”, Errm What?

To some the idea of the power pose and their benefits might seem like some over hyped Business speak.

Amy Cuddy social psychologist and professor at Harvard Business School would say it’s not so.

Power poseIn one of the most viewed TED Talks Amy Claims that in research that she undertook along with Dana Carney and Andy Yap, just 2 minutes of “Power Posing” per day can give you a boost in your Risk taking, and can also help your performance in job interviews.

and best of all it doesnt cost you a thing.

so what is a power pose I hear you say? The most recognisable is the Superman/Wonder Woman Pose

Here is Amy Explaining.


So what are you waiting for, it may just give you the lift you need as we approach the middle of the week slump.

Here is Amy’s Full TED Talk. They are well worth Watching as you can get some great Ideas worth Sharing.

[ted id=1569 lang=en]