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Reminder to keep homes and valuables secure following Christmas

Kent Police is sharing some post-Christmas crime prevention advice to help remind residents how to keep homes secure following the festive season.


There is typically an increase in the number of burglaries committed at this time of year, partly due to the longer darker evenings but also because offenders know many homes will be full of expensive new gifts.


Opportunistic criminals may also target victims while out and about and using their new expensive items such as bikes, mopeds and handbags.


Operation Castle is a campaign running until Friday 13 January 2017 that is designed to raise awareness of the measures you can take to keep criminals at bay.


Kent Police would like to remind residents to keep their windows, doors and outbuildings locked at all times and to keep valuables out of sight.


As well as thinking about what can be seen from the outside of your home, it is also important to remember that expensive items such as jewellery and bags can be attractive to criminals and can be easily targeted when away from the home.


Crime prevention tips


  • Secure sheds, garages and other outbuildings to ensure criminals cannot gain access to tools that would help them break into your home.


  • Ensure gates are also kept locked and that bins and other items cannot be used to help burglars climb over your fence.


  • Consider installing alarms, security lights or CCTV cameras to deter thieves from targeting your home.


  • Remember to note down model and serial numbers of items to ensure any stolen items that are recovered can be returned to you. You can also register items for free at www.immobilise.com.


  • Remain vigilant when out and keep expensive items close to you and do not leave items unattended.


  • Have high value items security marked to make them less attractive to steal and sell on.



For more advice visit www.kent.police.uk.


supplied by Kent Police


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