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Reporting Potholes

A Hole Load of Complaints

It is once again that time of year, ground temperatures can at times be below freezing, resulting in the scourge of the British motorist – Potholes.

potholescar in pothole

Many of you, I’m sure, have suffered at the hands of these most dreaded of motoring inconveniences, resulting in broken suspension, damaged wheel rims and torn tyres (or worse…..)!!!

Prevention is better than cure……..the chaps at KCC Highways have provided members of the public with a handy on-line web-form that can be completed, informing them of damage to highways maintained by KCC. If you happen to come across roads in need of repair, feel free to inform KCC Highways who will endeavour to rectify the problem. The link is supplied below.

Wishing you happy and safe motoring.


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