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Sheerness & Sittingbourne Pools Closed

Written by on 9 August 2017

Swimming Pools Closed.

Week 3 of the Summer Holidays, and  parents trying to find activities to keep the children entertained in the bad weather will have to keep looking as it was announced again today that Sheerness swimming pool will remain closed following another power cut.

The pool, part of the Sheppey Leisure Complex in Royal Road, was put out of action on 19th July after a summer storm knocked out the electricity supply, but unfortunately bosses announced again today (Wednesday) that the pool would be closed again.

A double blow for the borough, which currently sees the Swimming Pool in Sittingbourne, based in the Swallows Leisure Centre closed due to a diarrhoea scare until further notice.

The pool at Swallows has been shut as a “precautionary measure” after reports of a small amount of diarrhoea cases. It is not known when it will reopen.

Medical advice suggests anyone who has had diarrhoea should avoid swimming for at least two weeks. Babies and toddlers should always wear swim nappies.

Sheppey’s Pool Facebook page posted earlier today :

“We regret to inform customers that we have once again suffered a power cut at the Sheerness Swimming pool.

“As such, we have had to close the building in the interest of Health and Safety.

Due to not knowing how long the power will be off for we have taken the decision to close until further notice.”

“UK Power Network has been made aware of the fault and are aiming to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this causes and would like to advise that this is a matter beyond our control.

“Any customer related to swimming lessons/clubs and aqua aerobics will be contacted as soon as possible.”

Engineers say, it will take time to bring the water at Sheerness Swimming Pool to the correct temperature once the electricity is back on and the chemical levels are set at the correct levels.