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Solar-Powered Smart Waste Bin Installed on Minster Leas Beach

Written by on 23 July 2020

People will now see a new solar-powered smart bin at Minster Leas beach as part of a six-week trial to reduce the environmental impact and collection costs litter can have on the borough.

The Mr. Fill smart waste solution, solar-powered bin promises to take 6 to 7 times longer to fill up than a regular bin, making it easier to keep the beach clean during the busy summer months.

The bin contains an electric press operated by solar energy that compresses refuse down to one fifth of the normal space used which reduces refuse collections cost by up to 75 per cent.

The smart technology bin also keeps track of how much space has been used and sends an alert when it needs emptying which allows the bin to be managed virtually.

Waste solution company Wybone will manage the trial of the bin which has been installed along the top of the grassy bank near the Playa pub.

Cllr Tim Valentine, cabinet member for the environment, said:

“We’re delighted that Wybone have loaned us a Mr.Fill solar-powered bin to trial at Minster Leas beach for the summer.

“The bin was installed yesterday and will be in place throughout the busy summer period.

“Not only will the bin help us trial how we can better manage our rubbish collections and save money, but it’s smart technology is also environmentally friendly allowing us to manage the bin virtually via phone app.

“We know that our waste bins fill up very quickly during the summer months, and we currently have monitoring officers checking the bins along the beach every day to make sure they’re emptied when needed.

“Each smart bin costs approximately £5,000, so this free trial is just what we need to make sure we’re exploring all options to provide a cleaner and well managed environment for everyone who visits our beaches.

“Every year we spend around £1 million on street cleansing, so we are keen to trial any new solutions that can help the environment and save us, and the tax payer, money.”

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