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Staying Safe – Being Safe

Some Recent Advice from Our Boys in Blue

The chaps at Kent Police Sheppey have recently released some information via Twitter that we at BRFM believe could be of some importance to fellow Islanders and indeed to surrounding areas in Swale.

door to door

Firstly, please be extra vigilant when answering your door to callers – it appears some may not be as harmless as they appear. Do check for ID if they claim to represent an organisation, don’t allow anyone in if you are not convinced and call the organisation to check credentials. Door to door salesman may appear harmless – take extra care it could be your money or valuables they’re after!!



If you are worried about burglary, Kent Police Sheppey advise that you consider which is the quietest and quickest way into your home……for that is precisely the way that a potential burglar may think!!


Finally, as we live in a beautiful rural location, abundant with wildlife and many farms…… Please report any instances of poaching and hare coursing. These are a rural crime, involving threats, intimidation and sadly violence towards landowners.

rural crime

It takes a community to look out for each other, keeping everyone safe.

Information provided by Kent Police Sheppey

Twitter: @kentpolicesheer

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