Swale Council Carries Out 500 Compliance Checks Across The Borough

Written by on November 11, 2020

Anyone worried about businesses not following the Government’s coronavirus regulations can report their concerns to the council.

With new restrictions in force, the council is increasing the number of spot checks on local businesses to make sure they are complying with the regulations in place.

The council has the power to issue fines to firms of up to £10,000 if they are found to be breaching the regulations, and the police can issue fixed penalty notices of up to £6,400 to individuals.

Cllr Roger Truelove, leader of the council, said:

“We are doing our bit to ensure local businesses are complying with the new restrictions. Our compliance team carried out more than 500 checks last weekend, on top of the 116 businesses visited before lockdown began. As expected, lots of businesses were closed, with mostly food establishments offering a takeaway service remaining open.”

“Most of the businesses we visited were complying with the guidelines and we haven’t had to issue any fines yet. We want to remind anybody visiting a takeaway establishment to adhere to social distancing while waiting outside for their order, and to wear a face covering when inside ordering or collecting their food.”

“We also visited essential retail businesses to make sure they were compliant. We carried out checks all over the borough, especially in retail areas and in places where we have received any complaints. “

“We encourage anybody who has any concerns about businesses operating outside of government guidelines to report their concerns to us so that we can carry out the required checks.”

“It’s important for us all to follow the government guidance to reduce the risk of infections, because if we can’t level off the rise in infections in Swale, we will be facing a long period of restrictions.”

“Any businesses that are unsure of how to implement the guidance and need advice can reach out to us for help and support.”

Businesses wanting advice can contact the council on ehadmin@swale.gov.uk.

To report concerns about a local business in Swale not complying with the coronavirus restrictions, you can use the form at  www.swale.gov.uk/stay-safe-concerns.

To report an issue of people not complying with the instructions, such as large gatherings of people from different households, you can use the form at


The latest advice and guidance for businesses is available at www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19.

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