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Swale Crossing, The ‘Other’ Way

Written by on 1 December 2015

Amphibious Crossing

Most peoples idea of a weekend drive is a little jaunt out in the car in the gorgeous Kent Countryside, Mike Bolton and Leigh Dewson had the same thought, lets go for a little drive in a Peugeot 206 on Saturday.

The only difference is their car has been slightly modified,  and outboard motor has been fitted, with months of work on a knackered old Peugoet, Mike and Leigh decided to raise funds for the RNLI.

Which is appropriate really ,considering the they had decided to cross the Swale in the now amphibious Peugoet, starting at the Harty Ferry Inn they crossed the Swale in the vehicle and emerged safe and well at Spit Way before drying out and heading to Oare for a pint to celebrate!


You can donate here

Mike Bolton will be joining Pete Finch on breakfast this morning.

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