Sheppey Coastguard

The Sheerness RNLI all weather lifeboat was called out to a 57-foot barge that had broken down in the Thames Estuary. The volunteer crew of the Sheerness RNLI all weather lifeboat launched at 9.39pm on Thursday 1 August after being tasked by the UK Coastguard to a 57foot barge, with three people on board, that […]

Daniel will be taking to Ian Goodwin as part of the regular slot he does with the Sheppey Coastguard Bethan Tomlinson Touring and Operations Manager letting us know what is happening this month at Ideas Test Swale and Medway Helen Roberts from the Met Office taking about 3WordWeather campaign A John Fryer radio play […]

incidents this week.   Saturday 1st April (not an April fool) at 10.00am – Sheppey Coastguards were called to Love’s Beach at Leysdown following a report of a dead porpoise washed ashore. Porpoise located and relevant measurements passed on to the London Zoological Society.   Sunday 2nd April at 11.00am – Sheppey Coastguards tasked to […]

Ian Goodwin from the Sheppey Coastguard   A John Fryer radio play ‘The Pretty Stranger And The Middle Aged Man’ part 2 of 4   for more information on this weeks guests visit Daniel Monday night community show on BRFM website / blog Google+

You can Listen to last week’s interviews from The Daniel Monday Night Community Show on demand   Russell Hamilton Environment Officer & Tim Oxley Animal Control Officer @SwaleCounci    Ian Goodwin from The Sheppey Coastguard     

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