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Thousands respond to e-canvass

Written by on 9 August 2018

Confirming electoral register details

More than 10,000 households have confirmed their details on the electoral register are correct, before a single letter has been posted.

Swale Borough Council sent out almost 24,000 emails asking people who had provided their email address when registering to vote to confirm
their details on the electoral register were correct as part of the annual canvass.

Every year, the council has to make sure the electoral register is up to date. This now includes an e-canvass where those who have provided contact details are emailed to as ask them to confirm their details are still correct using a secure online system.

Those that hadn’t provided an email address, or did but didn’t respond to the email will now receive the usual household enquiry form in the post from the end of August.

This year, there were 10,059 responses in the two weeks the e-canvass system was open – a 43.0% response rate.

The response means that already, 16.4% of those on the electoral register have confirmed their details, saving time and money for local council tax payers.

Next opportunity

Anyone wanting to fill in their response to the next canvass online can simply provide an email address on their household enquiry form, electoral registration form or applications for postal or proxy votes.

Alternatively you can email confirming your name and address and we will add your email address to our system. We will
only use your email to contact you and it will not be passed onto to any third parties.

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