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Trapped On An Old Russian Submarine

Early morning call for ‘Eleanor’.

The volunteer crew of the Sheerness inshore lifeboat ‘Eleanor’ were called at 3.40 am on Saturday 12 March to rescue three adult men who had become marooned on an old Russian submarine,U475 ‘Black Widow ’which is moored in the Medway off Strood. Many local people may recognise the Sub, it is clearly visible in the water, often pointed out to children on train journeys!black widow

The three males had been filming/photographing on board the vessel and whilst attempting to get back to shore in a small rubber dinghy they sprung a leak and returned to the submarine from where they called for help.lifeboat eleanor sheerness

After launching the ILB crew proceeded up river and located the vessel and after assisting the men in getting off it they proceeded to land them ashore where they were met by officers from Kent Police.

The ILB was back on station and ready for service again at 0545 am.


Information from RNLI

Donations: www.rnli.org/donateorbecomeamember/pages/default/aspx


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