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Water company criticised

Written by on 5 April 2018

Southern Water criticised over payouts.

Water bosses from Southern Water have landed themselves in hot water with councillors for treating Sheppey differently to Sittingbourne. At a Swale Borough Council meeting last Wednesday (28th March), Southern Water was first congratulated for slashing out £700,000 compensation automatically to over 5,000 Sittingbourne residents when homes, businesses & schools were left without water after last months snow.

Thousands of homes were left “dry” after snow caused pipes to freeze, then gradually melting causing pipes to crack & burst. Many of Swale’s schools were forced to close despite being closed the previous week due to the heavy snow fall.

Southern Water was soon criticised after giving the compensation to Sittingbourne residents, for not doing the same when the Island was cut off two years ago after a main alongside the A249 burst.

Councillor Cameron Beart asked: “Why didn’t this happen when Sheppey was cut off for five days in 2016?” The entire Island had to reply on bottled water ferried in. But residents were told every case had to be dealt and considered separately and everyone had to lodge their own claim” He called for water bosses to face a grilling from the council’s scrutiny committee.


Reader's opinions
  1. Jessica Tang

    Jessica Tang   On   5 April 2018 at 16:07

    i wish i have other choice of chaning the water company cos i feel the water bill is much more higher annually compared with the bill i received from when i used to live in london.

  2. Carl Dyke

    Carl Dyke   On   6 April 2018 at 18:18

    Thing is though at the time Southern Water really didn’t care about people on Sheppey without water – we were just irritations. Several times I was told that compensation would be given, to which they backtracked quickly on. Then they came up with this lip service charitable donation which was supposed to be acceptable and one which Mr Henderson (If I recall correctly) was supportive and in favour of. Their deed was done- they pleased the MP but what should have happened for the people of Sheppey went out of the window. Great representation from our MP as usual…..NOT.

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