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Work Experience at 95.6 BRFM

Written by on 24 June 2016

Ellieanne joins the team at BRFM for a week of Work Experience

As our listeners have heard this week, the presenters were joined in the studio by Ellieann (Madz) who is completing a weeks work experience with BRFM.  We asked her to write a little bit about her experience here.

“My name is Ellieann and I’m completing a weeks work experience with BRFM.  I attend Northfleet School for Girls and have a big interest in radio.  This week I have met some great presenters, interacted with the listeners and taken part in the on-air shows as well as seen how things work behind the scenes.  There is a lot more to presenting than sitting behind a microphone and playing music as well as what it takes to run a FM Radio Station.  I can definitely say I would love to come back and help out as well as doing some more training.  My aim is to be able to produce and deliver a show of my own.”

Ellieann has definitely hit it off with all the presenters and will be welcome back.

Working with the MEBP and Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey, BRFM will be welcoming new work experience placements in July this year as well as out of school placements for the members of the public to join in and learn the basics of radio presenting.

If your interested in training please contact

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