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Knife incident in supermarket car park

Written by on 3 October 2017

Kent Police attend knife incident Tesco Sheerness.

Kent police were called the car park of Tesco’s in Sheerness late this afternoon, with reports of a knife incident involving a young woman who had a small child in the car.

BRFM have received reports that a man was seen forcing open a car door in the car park of Tesco’s in Sheerness (Tuesday). Witnesses have told us a man brandishing a knife, opened the car door and threatened the woman,  the young woman managed to grab the knife, causing injury to her hand whilst member of the public assisting in her safety. The woman was then fleeing into the Supermarket with her child whilst members of the public called 999.

Kent Police and the South East Coast Ambulance Service attended to the woman involved at the scene.

Reports tell us that it took over 30 minutes before the man was put into the back of the police car and taken to Sheerness police station.

If you have any information, contact Kent Police immediately on: 101

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