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Favorite color: Yellow Loves: words Dislikes: mushroom soup Most amazing country visited: Bali   I completed my training on air with Les last year (2017) but had to stop for a while due to personal reasons.  Now I’m back with a special Women’s Hour every Thursday 12-1pm  

Presenter Name: Marty Dee Donovan Favourite Colour: Skyblue Pink Favourite Food: Steak Onions & Champ Favourite hobby: Playing World of Warcraft Favourite TV Program: The Big Bang Theory   A DJ since the 80’s sporting 30 years unbroken service I’m a south Londoner who’s Irish and I have a guilty pleasure of reggae music covered […]

Presenter Name: Duncan Martin Favourite pet: Definitely dogs.  I like cats too, but sorry, dogs are the best! Favourite thing about BRFM: The interaction from our listeners is the best – I love the way they call in and comment on what I’ve just said on air, or provide a travel update that I can then pass on […]

Presenter Name: Ian James Favourite pet: my cat called Ralph (the phantom tap and toilet fiend).  He will always try and drink out of either other than his water bowl! Favourite thing about BRFM: our loyal and regular listeners .. they have us on most of the day and I love being able to play them […]

Presenter name: Big L/Les in the Afternoon. Favourite food: Chicken Madras/Roast chicken. What I love about BRFM: Unique/Truly local radio for the Isle of Sheppey, with an interesting mix of specialist music programmes. Interesting story: I had my first alcoholic drink whist on a school outing to HMS Victory, at the age of 14. In fact, […]

Presenter Name: Amy Louise Wallington Favourite colour:Teal blue/green Favourite Food: Cheese Favourite Pet: Dogs or rabbits Favourite Place: Woolacombe in Devon What I love about BRFM: Fantastic listeners, I can play whatever music I want to, great community feel within the station, and just good fun! Amusing story: When I first moved to uni, my room was on […]

Presenter Name: Mike Elwood Favourite Colour: Blue Favourite Food: Mexican Favourite Place: China What I love about BRFM: The range of shows and variety in music with the exception of Peter Finch’s TEA! Interesting fact about Mike: Mike played Elwood in a Blues Brothers Tribute show, toured all around Europe playing in many theaters alongside a […]

Presenter Name: Doug “The Mug” Paterson Favourite Colour: Blue Favourite food: spare ribs Favourite Pet: Ledley the Dog What I love about BRFM: I love the diverse the selection of presenters and the wide range of music we are able to play and of course we have the best listeners. The views from outside the […]

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