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Presenter Name: Ian James Favourite pet: my cat called Ralph (the phantom tap and toilet fiend).  He will always try and drink out of either other than his water bowl! Favourite […]

Presenter name: Big L/Les in the Afternoon. Favourite food: Chicken Madras/Roast chicken. What I love about BRFM: Unique/Truly local radio for the Isle of Sheppey, with an interesting mix of specialist […]

Presenter Name: Amy Louise Wallington Favourite colour:Teal blue/green Favourite Food: Cheese Favourite Pet: Dogs or rabbits Favourite Place: Woolacombe in Devon What I love about BRFM: Fantastic listeners, I can play whatever […]

Presenter Name: Mike Elwood Favourite Colour: Blue Favourite Food: Mexican Favourite Place: China What I love about BRFM: The range of shows and variety in music with the exception of […]