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Amy Wallington

Presenter Name: Amy Louise Wallington
Favourite colour:Teal blue/green
Favourite Food: Cheese
Favourite Pet: Dogs or rabbits
Favourite Place: Woolacombe in Devon
What I love about BRFM: Fantastic listeners, I can play whatever music I want to, great community feel within the station, and just good fun!
Amusing story: 
When I first moved to uni, my room was on the top floor of a block of flats. Not long after we moved in I was home on my own waiting for a parcel. I also needed to go out once the parcel had arrived and I was running out of time so decided to quickly jump in the shower. As soon as I got in the buzzer went… the postman was downstairs with my parcel. So I wrapped myself in a towel, ran down 4 flights of stairs, snatched the parcel from the postman trying to make sure I was seen by as few people as possible. I turned to run back up the stairs, tripped on the first one, dropped the towel and landed laying up the stairs. Mortified, I turned around to find the postman still standing there… he saw everything! I had to deal with the same postman for a whole year! Very embarrassing! 
On Air: every other Sunday, 4pm