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The New Sound of BRFM…Is Coming!

Written by on 7 April 2016


Here is your guide to the new branding for BRFM which launches on Monday 2 May.

UPDATE – 27 April

With all the new material about to go onto the system, you’ll need to know where to look.  It’s not much different to now:

Where is…                                 In Competa Drop-Down                                 On Touch Screen

News, Weather & Travel                     News/Weather/Travel                                                      News/Weather/Travel (on front page)

My show opener                                    Presenter Hour Openers                                                  Presenter Hour Openers (on front page)

My programme material                   Your Name (i.e. Peter Finch…)                                      Presenters/Your name

Generic IDs                                             Station Imaging (near top of list)                                 BRFM IDs (on front page)

Generic Dry Lines                               Intro Sweepers                                                                      BRFM Dry IDs (on front page)

Jingles                                                      Jingles                                                                                         BRFM Jingles (on front page)

Jingles I can talk over                       Jingle Ramps                                                                           Jingle Ramps (on front page)

Programme Specific                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Mid-Morning/Drive etc…)          Imaging Events                                                                      (by programme name) Drive/ Mid Morning… (on front                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          page)

Commercials                                      Adverts                                                                                       Adverts (on front page)

Sponsors                                              Imaging Events                                                                      Sponsors (on front page)


UPDATE – 21 April

New Community Promo:

Some generic station IDs:

..and many more to ensure you won’t easily get bored!  There are also programme specific IDs for Mid Morning, Drive Time and so on.

Lets work through a standard hour on BRFM, starting with the News.  The intro goes in at 59’50” as now.  The bed should play under the bulletin.

After the news, is the news Outro, which points to more local news and weather on our website.  This has to follow every bulletin during live hours.

Then, it’s the weather, which works the same way as now.  The only difference is that there is revised music to talk over:

..and Weather Out:

Following the weather, Competa will load music, jingles and station IDs that you’ll need for the following hour.  At the start of each hour, following the weather, a generic hour opener will load.  This should be replaced with your own presenter ID (assuming you want a name check instead of a generic BRFM ID).

Pres Hour 3

Click the category drop down, select “Presenter Hour Openers” and find your one in the list.

Don’t forget, you can search for anything you need using the drop down – music/jingles/adverts/promos and your own individual material (just find your name in the drop down menu and all of the material you had in Jazler will be there)

Pres Hour 1

Then, simply delete the generic station ID after the weather, and drag yours into the schedule.  This is what they sound like:

We have station IDs which can be dropped between songs, or over the intro to a song. There are long station IDs as well as short ones which just say the station name.

We also have station IDs that end with a sung jingle:

We should always play a jingle into a commercial break, unless the break follows travel news.

It is also now possible to talk over some of the jingles up to the point where the sung “BRFM” comes in.  These are known as jingle ramps.  Ideally these should be used into a break or between two songs.  The intros of these will be timed in the same way that you can time the intro on a song if you wanted to talk up to the vocals.  Here is an example:

**IMPORTANT – when you leave**

If no one is following your programme, you need to put the playlist back to auto so that it will run the news and scheduled items.

Make sure you are playing in port 1 only and have clicked Seq.  Then click on “Live Assist” (indicated by the arrow in the pic below).  A red “Automated” box will now appear over the player.

Pres Hour 4

If you’re the first one in, in the morning, simply do the reverse once the news comes on: de-select Auto and it will now say “Live Assist”.  De-select Seq if you don’t want to carry on into the next item.