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Adam Wigmore

Written by on 7 October 2015

Adam Wigmore is known to us all as Wiggy, he presents Drivetime on Thursday’s 4-7pm and Friday Afternoon 1-4pm

When Wiggy was 11 he won an award and had to go on BBC Radio to talk about it, Currently Wiggy is working on a degree at CCCU focussing on radio production, presentation and production of features. His only radio experience other than that is here at BRFM where he has received training and support from the team.

Wiggy’s hobbies a bit of a family tradition, gaming with a few playing in competitive teams, he is also part of MLT and The Luton Players as an actor and director and is also a magician with Medway Magical Society.

Wiggy has two pet hates, early mornings, and Mondays.

Wiggy enjoys current chart music, but loves listening to older music and the feeling of nostalgia with that.

His most embarrassing moment was doing A Level Performing Arts as a technician, and having to take part in a dance for an awards ceremony, his parents and friends were there, with their phones filming it!

Wiggy has several claims to fame, appearing on a BBC show ages 11, although he will not tell us which one, we will find it! He also remembers meeting the presenters of CBBC’s smART show, getting autographs from them and the presenter of Prank Patrol


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