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BRFM Celebrate Fathers Day with St Georges Primary School

Written by on 16 June 2019

Throughout the year, Year R and Year 1 students at St Georges Primary School, Minster have been supplying our listeners with daily weather reports on 95.6 BRFM.

This Father’s Day the students have done their mothers proud and recorded personal messages for their Dads which will be broadcast throughout the day on Sunday 16th June 2019.


8.15am – Adunola, Amelia, Amelia, Bobby (Pine Class)

8.30am – Charlie, Courtney, Daisy Mae, Daniel (Pine Class)

8.45 am – Euan, Evie, Isabel (Pine Class)

9.15am – Isabella, Jet, Isla (Pine Class)

9.30am – Layla, Lexi, Oliver, Phoebe (Pine Class)

9.45am – Poppy, Riley, Rowan (Pine Class)

10.15am – Ryder, Scarlett, Lexi 2 (Pine Class)

10.30am – James (Pine Class), Cindy, Debbie (Maple Class)

10.45am – Euan, Olivia, Katie (Maple Class)

11.15am – Ajay, Frankiln, Heidi, Ollie (Maple Class)

11.30am – Amy, Imogen, Liam (Maple Class)

11.45am – Sid, Callum, Alessio (Maple Class)

12.15pm – Ed, Page, Scarlett (Maple Class)

12.30pm – Riley, Archie, Ted, Matthew & Nicholas (Maple Class)

12.45pm – Ryan, Grace, No Name given (Maple Class)

4.15pm – Euan, Evie, Fin (Beech Class)

4.30pm – Finlay, Freddy (Beech Class) Hanna, Harvey (Willow Class)

4.45pm – Ivy Rose (Willow Class), Isabell (Beech Class), Jake (Beech Class)

5.15pm – Jake, Jayden, Jayden J (Beech Class)

5.30pm – Joseph (Willow Class), Karl, Leah, Lilly (Beech Class)

5.45pm – Lindsey (Beech Class), Lottie (Willow Class), Madison (Beech Class)

6.15pm – Malakie, Mia, Mylie, Oliver (Beech Class)

6.30pm – Paige (Beech Class), Parker, Sonny, Summer (Willow Class)

6.45pm – Teddy (Willow Class), Thomas (Beech Class), William (Willow Class), Leo ?

7.15pm – Chistopher, Isabell (Maple Class), Amber (Willow Class)

7.30pm – Archie, Arthur (Willow Class), Betty (Beech Class), Charlie Jack (Willow Class)

7.45pm – Daisy Lin (Beech Class), Darcy (Willow Class), Duncan (Beech Class)

BRFM would like to wish every Dad a Happy Fathers Day 2019.