Pupils to Read the Weather on BRFM St Georges Primary school have joined with BRFM and the pupils will be reading out your daily weather from 1pm. Every day a different pupil will read out the weather as part of their weather station education within the school. In May 2017 St Georges Primary School Early Years […]

Cold Snap Causes Burst Pipe those on the way to work and school this morning, have had to deal with a new water crossing. Minster Road just by Banner Way in Halfway has seen a Mains water pipe burst and it is gushing water across the road, Southern Water are looking into the Incident, and […]

2nd Shurland Rainbows – Celebrating their 25th Birthday 2nd Shurland Rainbows are 25  year old and to mark the occasion they are celebrating at Friendship House on 12th November from 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm.   They would like to invite anyone who has a connection to the group, especially those who were Rainbows, Guiders or […]

Appeal for Information After Burglary local Minster resident, Lifeboat crew member and owner of Popular local business Hagars Electronics, is asking for information after Suffering a Burglary Today. Valuable Watches and Jewelry were stolen when the Safe that contained them was ripped from the house. Tom Ware whom lives with his Wife and Son in Chequers […]

BRFM understands that a much loved Minster based Singing teacher has passed away. Janie van den Berg Originally from Pretoria, South Africa has been teaching Singing and Piano for a number of years, and judging by comments left on her facebook page was Loved as much by her Students as she was by her family. One […]

BRFM Draw Halfway Pharmacy Raffle Presenters Les Schneider and Pete Finch have drawn the Christmas Raffle at the Halfway Pharmacy, the raffle has raised £500 for Dementia. the top prize was an iPad Air. Other prizes included Whiskey, David Beckham aftershave, chocolate. The Full list of winning tickets  are below. iPad Air: Beige 371 Whiskey: […]

Minster's Magical Fireworks

There have been renewed calls for a roundabout in Lower Road after a recent traffic light failure eased, rather than added to, congestion. Signals at the junction of Barton Hill Drive were temporarily out of action following a crash. A telecommunications box was destroyed in the two-vehicle accident on September 14. Island taxi driver Neil […]

Swale Council have approved a plan to halt cliff erosion and remove the threat of homes falling into the . The planning application to install measures aimed at protecting properties in Surf Crescent and Third Avenue, Eastchurch, from disappearing over the edge of a cliff was approved last week. The proposals include a biodegradable mesh being […]



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