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Emergency Fund Appeal for Kent Wildlife Rescue

Written by on 12 June 2020

Kent Wildlife Rescue Service is in desperate need of your help. During this pandemic the team has been working endlessly to ensure that we able to continue rehabilitating the animals in our care but also continue to help as many individuals as possible. However, due to covid-19 all our fundraising events have been cancelled leaving us dry and relying solely on the kindness of public donations. As more people are furloughed and out of work there has been many more casualties reported.

Unfortunately, we have reached breaking point. Many rescues have closed down in the last couple of years which has greatly increased the area we cover and subsequently the abundance of wildlife rescues. We have been working over capacity. Similar to zoos, throughout this crisis we have been ignored by the government and just expected to find a way. Recently, the government have recognised and decided to listen to the public and re-open the zoos… but what about us? 

We continue to work 24/7 alongside the emergency services in hope of making as many differences as we can. We are often called out by the fire service to help collect animals which have gotten caught in phone wires or pipes so are classed as emergency services. Recently, we assisted with a pet shop fire and temporarily housed their animals, such as; rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards and birds alongside giving them emergency and ongoing treatment. However, our funds are running low and we need your help more than ever. 

Our vet bill is continuously rising and this months bill is currently at £2700 as well as feeding, cleaning, transporting to and from the centre and specialist vets,  maintaining and repairs. and  without the fundraising events which we normally heavily rely on… we are struggling.  However, we refuse to compromise on the care and continued treatment of our animals. This also means that we will have to start turning casualties away as we have almost used up all of our reserves which were specifically for our project of a new ICU hospital unit which we have been working towards for two years. Which means that we will have to raise money again for the desperately needed project and also for everyday running costs ( no staff are paid).Please check out our fb group for more stories:

Any donations would be greatly appreciated and help us tremendously during thispandemic. We believe in the power of community spirit!

We unfortunately now need to come cap in hand to our community, supporters and wildlife lovers to be able to continue our work. Please help us help them. 


The Go Fund Me page is: